About us

Who we are

Whitburn Community Library is a volunteer-ran community hub and library. The library was built in March 1967, when Whitburn was still part of County Durham, and was subsequently ran by South Tyneside Council when the local authority boundaries were changed.

It was set to close due to council budget cuts before being saved by the local community, as an important asset for the people of Whitburn to use and enjoy. They re-opened as a volunteer led organisation on 6th April 2019, with bestselling author Sheila Quigley officially opening the library. Since then the library has been managed by the Friends of Whitburn Library: a not-for-profit registered charity.


As is the way with most voluntary organisations, some of the amazing, dedicated trustees and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure Whitburn Community Library was saved were unable to continue in their roles, due to many factors, not least of which was the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. 

Since then, many new faces have joined the team, and taken on both active roles staffing the library, and organisational positions on the Board of Trustees. We have also welcomed some young people onboard who participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, who volunteered with us outside of their school time, learning new skills and contributing to their local community.

The Team


Our current team consists of our amazing board of trustees, Bill, Heidi, Jon, Caroline and Trevor, as well as over 20 regular volunteers, who ensure the day to day running of the library, cleanliness and safety, and all of the many activities and events that generate income to enable us to stay open.

Would you like to volunteer with us? Do you have a little spare time, and the skills and enthusiasm to make our friendly local hub an even nicer place to be? Contact us at info@whitburnlibrary.co.uk to discuss your availability. 

Set within a unique place

The library is located in the pretty coastal village of Whitburn in the North East of England. Within the library is a statue of Lewis Carroll who was a frequent holiday visitor to Whitburn. Carroll wrote the poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter” whilst staying at his cousins’ house in Whitburn.


The library is also home to a Marsden lodge banner whose unity theme depicts the iconic image of Marsden rock with the adage “Firm as a rock we stand”. The banner is on constant display within the library.